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Rare Grand Tour Marble Sculpture of the Sleeping Hermaphrodite (1810 to 1840 Italy)


Fine 19th. century copy of the Ermafrodito, Museo Nazionale of Rome.
Many copies have been produced since the Renaissance, in a variety of media and scales. Full size ones were produced for Philip IV of Spain in bronze, ordered by Velázquez and now in the Prado Museum, and for Versailles (by the sculptor Martin Carlier, in marble). A reduced-scale bronze copy, made and signed by Giovanni Francesco Susini, is now at the Metropolitan Museum. Another reduced-scale copy, this time produced in ivory by François Duquesnoy, was purchased in Rome by John Evelyn in the 1640s.


41.00 cm wide   17.00 cm deep


  16.14 inches wide  6.69 inches deep