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Marble Dog Statue (c. 1840 France)

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70.00cm wide 33.00cm high 27.00cm deep (27.56 inches wide 12.99 inches high 10.63 inches deep)

Description / Expertise

A 19th. Century white Carrara Marble statue of a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.
During the 16th century, a small type of spaniel was popular among the nobility in England. The people of the time believed that these dogs could keep fleas away, and some even believed that they could prevent forms of stomach illnesses.These dogs were sometimes called the "Spaniel Gentle" or "Comforter", as ladies taking a carriage ride would take a spaniel on their laps to keep them warm during the winter.Charles I kept a spaniel named Rogue while residing at Carisbrooke Castle; however, it is with Charles II that this breed is closely associated and it was said of him that "His Majesty was seldom seen without his little dogs".There is a myth that he even issued an edict that no spaniels of this type could be denied entry to any public place.