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Edward Burch ( 1730-1814 )

After a model by Michael Henry Spang (active 1750-1767)

A fine bronzed lead ecorche figure of a man, 24 cm. high, on a turned hardwood base.

The original wax model in the University of Glasgow, is documented as by the Danish sculptor Michael Spang and was made for Dr. William Hunter who holds it in a portrait by Mason Chamberlain dating to 1769. Kemp records that an early manuscript belonging to the Hunterian Museum alludes to a figure in brass done from a model in wax by Mr. Burch and that other casts were made at Hunter's request.

related literature: M.J. Kemp, Dr. William Hunter at the Royal Academy of Arts.

(University of Glasgow,1975 pp. 15-9)

Comparable objects: Berlin, Bode Museum. London, Victoria & Albert Museum.

Paris, Musée du Louvre. New York, Metropolitan Museum