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Borghese Hermaphrodite


Fine 19th. century marble version of The Borghese Hermaphrodite .

Size, 21 cm.H 49 cm. W 27 cm. D

The Borghese Hermaphroditus is an ancient marble sculpture depicting Hermaphroditus , reclining on a mattress sculpted by the Italian artist Gian Lorenzo Berniniin 1620. The form is partly derived from ancient portrayals of Venus and other female nudes, and partly from contemporaneous feminised Hellenistic portrayals ofDionysus/Bacchus. It represents a subject that was much repeated in Hellenistic times and in ancient Rome, to judge from the number of versions that have survived. Discovered at Santa Maria della Vittoria, Rome, the Sleeping Hermaphroditus was immediately claimed by Cardinal Scipione Borghese and became part of the Borghese Collection. The "Borghese Hermaphroditus" was later sold to the occupying French and was removed to The Louvre, where it is on display today.