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Rhinoceros Horn Cup 17th. century / Oliver Cromwell

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Wonderfull 17th. century  Rhinoceros Horn Cup With Silver Guilded mounts.

The bust is representing 1st Lord Protector of the Commonwealth of England, Scotland and Ireland 

" Oliver Cromwell " 
- Headed by Major-General Lambert, the council of officers proposed a new constitution. In discussions with the officers, Cromwell made it clear that he did not want to be made king. Seeking to maintain links with the ancient constitution yet distance himself from the disgraced monarchy, Cromwell proposed a revival of the title "Lord Protector", which had precedents going back to the 15th century. Under the terms of the Instrument of Government, executive power now passed to an elected Lord Protector advised by a Council of State. Cromwell was declared Lord Protector for life and formally installed at Westminster Hall on 16 December 1653. His decision to accept the office of Protector alienated many republicans and religious radicals, who regarded it as a betrayal of the principles for which the civil wars had been fought. In April 1654, Cromwell moved into Whitehall Palace, the former residence of King Charles.

Comes from an old imported Belgium collection.

Size 7.80 cm. High  4.90 cm. diameter.

Literature : Magie de L'Orfèvrerie , Argenterie européenne de 1500 à 1850 dans les collections privées. page 15